City Zoning

Residents should be aware that any modifications of structures or uses on any property within the City of Templeton are subject to the regulations outlined in the City's Zoning Ordinance. It is the City's responsibility and the purpose of the Zoning Ordinance to ensure that all building projects are completed in a manner that ensures orderly and attractive development and does not harm other local residents or cause a safety problem. It is not the intention of the City to unduly restrict how local residents and businesses use or make improvements to property; in fact, the City encourages building projects that improve our great community.

The City of Templeton adopted its first city-wide zoning ordinance in 1970. The ordinance has been updated several times. The current version of the City of Templeton Zoning Ordinance can be purchased at City Hall for $50.00 or can be downloaded below. All building projects require a building permit, and some projects may require a "special exception" or "variance". Prior to beginning any building project or changing the use of any structure (i.e., opening a business in a residential property), please contact the City's Zoning Administrator, Ethan A. Irlbeck, at (712) 669-3411.

City of Templeton Zoning Ordinance

City of Templeton Zoning Map