Templeton Area Development Corporation

The Templeton Area Development Corporation (TADC) was founded in 1992 to encourage business development in Templeton and the surrounding area, including recruitment of new businesses and retention and expansion of existing businesses. The TADC is a non-profit membership based organization with over 90 members and an 11-person Board of Directors. Memberships in the TADC are $35 per year.

The TADC has been very successful with many projects over the years including the TADC Business Park, which is its signature project in Templeton. The Business Park was originally opened in 1994, with expansions in 1999 and 2008. The Business Park is fully served by all utilities and paved streets, making lots "shovel-ready" for new business development. There are currently 9 businesses in the development and the 2008-09 expansion has opened up space for many more.

In addition to the Business Park, the TADC has been active in many other community projects over the years including several signage projects, the website, and the acquisition and demolition of the former grocery store building on Main Street. The TADC partners with several other development organizations in the area including the Carroll County Growth Partnership, Region XII Council of Governments, Templeton Telecom, and MidAmerican Energy Company. The TADC continues to work tirelessly to expand the economic base of the community.