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Templeton Distillery

Templeton Distillery is a distillery unlike any other. We’ve recommitted ourselves to our hometown with the opening of our expanded distillery in 2018, creating more jobs along with the opportunity to bring more of our production in-house. There is nothing we love more than sharing both local legacy as well as our limited production specialties with those who appreciate a good story over good whiskey. That, after all, is what we’ve come to call our whiskey way of life.

History buffs, whiskey aficionados, tourists and day-trip adventurists can all find something to enjoy on the tour of the Templeton Distillery. Guests get to be in the heart of the action – peeking at the imported stills, hearing the whir of the fermenters, and checking out the bottling line. The museum is equally impressive and provides a truly innovative and interactive experience.

The tasting room offers samples of Templeton Distillery’s world-class, premium, distillery exclusive whiskeys. Along with a bar loaded with choices of your favorite crafted Templeton Rye whiskey cocktails. Stylish and unique swag, including apparel, cocktail specialty items and more are available for purchase in the gift shop.

Please visit us to learn more!

209 S Rye Ave.

Templeton, IA 51463

Phone: 712-669-8793

Email: info@templetondistillery.com

Website: http://www.templetondistillery.com

Hours: Check out the website for hours. https://templetondistillery.com/visit/