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Natural Balance Massage

Cindy Luczycki, owner of Natural Balance Massage is located at 326 E. 1st Street, Templeton, Iowa. Cindy has been a resident of Templeton since 1996. Cindy graduated from the Universal College of Healing Arts located in Omaha, Nebraska in May 2005. She became state licensed and nationally certified in July 2005 and started her business in August 2005. Natural Balance Massage has been in business in Carroll for the last 10 ½ years.

Services Offered:

Integrative Therapeutic Massage – Each massage session is as individual as you are. A variety of techniques will be used depending upon what your body needs that day. The use of hot stones is included in each session.

Pregnancy Massage – Gentle techniques are used to reduce fatigue, improve circulation, increase energy and help alleviate some of the discomforts associated with pregnancy. You must be past your first trimester and must have consent from your doctor.

Reflexology – Reflexology is based on the idea that our feet and hands have reflex zones that are linked to other parts of the body. Over 7,000 nerve endings are located in the feet. Congestion or tension in the feet or hands can indicate struggles in the corresponding part of the body. Pressure point stimulation assists circulation, promotes balance and releases tension.

Oncology Massage – Cindy has over 100 hours of continuing education in this area as it is close to her heart. Oncology massage is a special type of massage designed for current cancer patients or long-time survivors, using an array of touch modalities to address the effects of cancer and cancer treatments. The main focus is to enhance healing while “doing no harm” to people whose bodies are dealing with lowered immune systems, at risk for developing lymphedema, and whose bodies are stressed by treatments of radiation, chemotherapy or recovering from surgery.



Monday-Thursday 11 to 6 (or later)

Friday - (every other) 11 to 4

Saturday – as needed

326 E. 1st Street

Templeton, IA 51463

Phone: 712-830-8116

Contact: Cindy Luczycki