Cemetery Information

General Information

The Sacred Heart Cemetery is located on a small hill nearly one-half mile south of Sacred Heart Church. The Cemetery is situated such that one can view the beautiful rolling Iowa countryside from all directions. A grand crucifixion group featuring Jesus Christ, St. John the Disciple and the Sorrowful Mother sculpted out of limestone is located on a rising knoll in the center of the cemetery. A memorial to our fallen veterans is located just to the north of this statuary. The cemetery chapel is located on the west end of the cemetery, and this structure was refurbished in 2011 to include burial and plot records. The area around the chapel was beautifully landscaped, and new trees were planted around the east, west, and south boundaries of the cemetery in 2011.

Plot information

Sacred Heart Cemetery Plot Map- pdf

Albers, Caroline M.
Albers, John M.
Albers, Mary Caroline
Albers., John Bernard
Anstotter, Catherine A
Anstotter, Gerhard H.
Anstotter, Maria Elisabeth
Bahlman, August C.
Bahlman, Bernadine
Bahlman, Elizabeth
Bahlman, Katherine
Bahlman, Mary A.
Balk, Clem J.
Balk, Florence
Balk, LaVerne J.
Balk, LeRoy M.
Balk, Randall J.
Bastendorf, Anna M.
Bastendorf, Thomas
Bastendorf, William
Bauer, Dennis M.
Bauer, Nathanale Roman
Becker, Anna
Behrens, A.W. (Msgr.)
Behrens, Brett
Behrens, Infant
Bellinghausen, Elizabeth
Bellinghausen, Norbert
Bellinghausen, Ottilia
Bellinghausen, Peter
Bellinghausen, William F.
Bengford, Herman
Bengford, Infant
Bengford, Isabelle Mary
Bengfort, B.H.
Berger, Dora M.
Berger, Glenn
Berger, Infant
Berger, John W.
Berger, Mary Lou
Berger, Mildred
Beyerink, Emma
Biedemeier, Infant
Bierl, Anna (Busch)
Bierl, Clarence
Bierl, Edward G.
Bierl, Francis
Bierl, George
Bierl, George H.
Bierl, Infant
Bierl, Irene
Bierl, Joe
Bierl, John
Bierl, John H.
Bierl, Katharine
Bierl, Katia
Bierl, Katia
Bierl, Maria (Dopheide)
Bierl, Marion
Bierl, Mary
Bierl, Mary
Bierl, Orville F.
Bierl, Teresa L.
Billmeier, Anna
Billmeier, Edward
Billmeier, Frances
Billmeier, George
Billmeier, Linda L.
Billmeier, Otto
Billmeier, Raymond
Billmeier, Stephen
Billmeier, Steve
Blessington, Terry Wayne
Bock, Cornelius F.
Bock, Donald L.
Bock, Ione V.
Bock, John
Bock, Mary
Bock, Mayme
Bock, Vernon L.
Boellike, Maria
Boellike, Unknown
Boos, Francis
Boos, Leo
Boughton, Raymond J.
Boughton, Ruth Ann
Brandenburg, Carl
Brincks, Andrew B.
Brincks, Harvey
Bruch, Leo J.
Bruggeman, Amelia
Bruggeman, Anna W.
Bruggeman, Clara A.
Bruggeman, Edward J.
Bruggeman, Frank
Bruggeman, George
Bruggeman, Harry J.
Bruggeman, Herman
Bruggeman, Leonard
Bruggeman, Norbert W.
Bruggeman, Roberta M.
Buelt, Blandina
Buelt , Elizabeth
Buelt, Elizebeth
Buelt, Florence
Buelt, Helen E.
Buelt, Henry
Buelt, John Herman
Bueltel, Infant
Bueltel, Infant
Bueltel, Johann
Bueltel, John
Bueltel, Josephine
Bueltel, Kevin
Bueltel, Mary Elizabeth
Bueltel, Theresa
Bueltel, Velma
Bueltel, Wm.
Carpenter, Infant
Carpenter, Maria
Christoffersen, Lori A.
Conklin, Burdette J.
Conklin, Edith A.
Conklin, Eileen E.
Conklin, Gary C.
Conrad, Clara
Cormack, Elma
Cox, Olive E.
Cox, Richard B.
Croghan, William D.
Daeges, Elizabeth
Daeges, Matt J.
Daibs, Joseph
Dargin, John R.
David, Helen Lee
David, Leslie E.
DeWitt, Keith F.
DeWitt, Richard W.
Dischinger, Infant
Domayer, Alfred C.
Domayer, Frank J.
Domayer, Helen F.
Domayer, Magdalena
Dominise, Anna L. (Bueltel)
Dominise, Catherine
Dominise, Cecelia M.
Dominise, David J.
Dominise, Earl L.
Dominise, Germaine
Dominise, Lavern
Dominise, Marijane E.
Dominise, Nick
Dopheide, Anna M.
Dopheide, Duane W.
Dopheide, Jasper Alan
Dopheide, Kathryn B.
Dopheide, Larry C.
Dopheide, Louis
Dopheide, Theodore Herman
Dopheide, Vera Lynn
Dorweiler, Elizabeth
Dowd, Agnes S.
Dowd, John T.
Dozler, Adolf
Dozler, Anna
Dozler, Anna K.
Dozler, Barbara
Dozler, Charles
Dozler, Clara M.
Dozler, Edna
Dozler, Geo
Dozler, George
Dozler, George L.
Dozler, Ida
Dozler, Katherina
Dozler , Martin
Dozler, Mary
Dozler, Mike
Dozler, Olive M.
Dozler, Peter
Drees, Clara
Drees, Eileen Marie
Drees, Elizabeth
Drees, Henry
Drees, Herbert B.
Drees, Joseph A.
Drees, Marie
Drees, Mary Lou
Drilling, Infant
Drilling, Joseph
Drilling, Theresia
Dubrall, Marie (Shilling-Goetzinger)
Dultmeier, Edward
Dultmeier, Elizabeth
Dultmeier, Ferdinand
Dultmeier, Frank J.
Dultmeier, Henry
Dultmeier, Ilda V.
Dultmeier, Infant
Dultmeier, Kathryn
Dultmeier, Louise
Eich, Ann D.
Eich, Anna
Eich, Herbert J.
Eich, Infant
Eich, Joseph F.
Eich, Leon H.
Eich, Leonard
Eich, Lester W.
Eich, Lucile
Eich, Marie F.
Eich, Sadi Chaffin
Eich, Theresa
Eich, William
Eickman, Dorothy
Eischeid, Diane
Ekstrom, Bertha A.
Emberger, Franz
Erdmann, Anthony (Reverand)
Erhardt, Gertrude
Erhardt, Henry
Espenhover, Henry
Espenhover, Lena
Evans, Lena
Evans, Robert J.
Fangman, Caroline
Fangman, Clarence
Fangman, Joseph H.
Fangman, Mary
Fangmann, Clara
Fangmann, Clara M.
Fangmann, Frank
Fangmann, J. Henry
Fangmann, Josephine
Fangmann, Raymond
Fangmann, Rose
Feilmeier, Clara
Feilmeier, Crescentia
Feilmeier, Edwin
Feilmeier, Frank
Feilmeier, Frank X.
Feilmeier, Rudolph F.
Feilmeier, Wendelin
Feilmeyer, Joseph
Feilmeyer, Mary L.
Feilmeyer, Rudolph
Feltner, Evelyn L.
Feltner, LaVerne M. (Curly)
Fendrich, Anna H.
Fendrich, John B.
Fendrich, Lavern F.
Ferneding, Alvin J.
Ferneding, Anna
Ferneding, Francis
Ferneding, Frank
Ferneding, Heinrich
Ferneding, Heinrich
Ferneding, J.H.
Ferneding, John G.
Ferneding, Lillian
Ferneding, Maria
Ferneding, Paul
Ferneding, Rita E.
Ferneding, Rose
Fiebig, Anna V.
Fischer, Colette F.
Fischer, Dorothy (Stevens)
Fischer, Frank X.
Fischer, Katie F.
Fischer, Kenneth
Fischer, Otmar E.
Fischer, Randy
Fledderman, Ella
Fledderman, George
Fogerty, Alice
Foley, Mayme
Fox, Elizabeth J.
Fox, Florence B.
Fox, Hildegard
Fox, Jack W.
Fox, Jerome J.
Fox, John A.
Fox, Joseph
Fox, Marion L.
Fox, Nicholas
Fox, Rose
Fox, Sophia
Fox, Teresa
Fox, William M.
Friedman, Anna
Friedman, Clara
Friedman, Henry
Friedman, John
Friedman, Loretta
Friedman, Margaret
Friedman, Maurice
Friedman, William
Friedman, William
Friedmann, Anton
Frieland, Maria
Fuchs, Alma
Fuchs, Donald
Fuchs, Jeffrey Jon
Fuchs, Leon F.
Gallaway, Franklin
Gallaway, Irene O.
Gallaway, Richard
Gallaway, Rosa A.
Galloway , Lucille (Steffes-Irlmeier)
Galloway, Walter Albert
Geiger, Joseph
Gerken, Christina
Gerken, Flora Mae
Gerken, Louis P.
Gerken, Paul H.
Glaverlaus, Joseph
Goettsch, Celia M.
Goettsch, Ronald F.
Goettsch, William J.
Goetzinger, Elizabeth
Goetzinger, Jerome H.
Goetzinger, Julia
Goetzinger, Leola I.
Goetzinger, Lizzie
Goetzinger, Mathius (Math or Matt)
Goetzinger, Nicholas
Goetzinger, Nick L.
Goetzinger, Peter C.
Gordon, Infant
Gordon, Mary
Greteman, Albert J.
Greteman, Alma E.
Greteman, Aloysius
Greteman, Anna
Greteman, Captolia
Greteman, Catherine
Greteman, Daniel
Greteman, Edward
Greteman, Elizabeth B.
Greteman, Felix
Greteman, Frank
Greteman, Glenn J.
Greteman, James W.
Greteman, John
Greteman, Josephine
Greteman, Katherina
Greteman, Lambert J.
Greteman, Lawrence H.
Greteman, Leo E.
Greteman, Leonard G.
Greteman, Leonora L.
Greteman, Marsella
Greteman, Mary Agnes
Greteman, Mary Ellen
Greteman, Mathilda M.
Greteman, Norbert E.
Greteman, Otto B.
Greteman, Philomena M.
Greteman, Rose "Tootie"
Greteman, Rose A.
Greteman, Theresa E.
Greteman, William F.
Greteman, William O.
Greve, Christina
Greve, Franz
Gross, Bernard W.
Gross, James B.
Grote, Bernardina
Haberl, Charley
Haberl, Margaret
Haberl, Martin
Hacker, Anna J.
Hacker, Frank
Hacker, Franziska
Hacker, Harry W.
Hacker, Helen M.
Hacker, Henry
Hacker, Joseph
Hacker, Marlys
Hacker, Rita Anna
Hacker, Robert
Hacker, Selma
Hacker, Virgil H.
Hacker, Wendel G.
Hacker, William
Halber, Jorome
Halter, Casper
Halter, Henry
Halter, Infant
Halter, Margaretha
Halter, Maria "Rausch"
Harmayer, Cecelia
Haubrich, Gerald
Haubrich, Margaret
Haubrich, Maxine
Haukap, Herman A.
Haukap, Hildagard M.
Haukap, Infant
Hausman, Infant
Hausman, Infant
Haverland, George
Haverland, Gerard
Haverland, Infant
Hein, Jerry
Heithoff, Alice A.
Heithoff, Bernard
Heithoff, Caroline
Heithoff, Edward
Heithoff, Eugene
Heithoff, Evonne
Heithoff, Harold L.
Heithoff, Infant
Heithoff, Irene
Heithoff, John
Heithoff, John B.
Heithoff, Joseph H.
Heithoff, Marcellus
Heithoff, Mark Alan
Heithoff, Martha A.
Heithoff, Ottilia
Heithoff, Randy Gerard
Heithoff, Rose
Heithoff, Jr., Joseph
Heitman, Anthony
Heitman, Barbara
Hennessey, Ellen M.
Henrichs, Peter
Henricks, Jacob
Herbers, Edward C.
Hermsen, Katharina
Hicks, Ann
Hicks, George R.
Hinders , Fred
Hinders , Nina (Berger)
Hoffman, Anna M.
Hoffman, Anton J.
Hoffman, Catharina
Hoffman, Eleanor J.
Hoffman, Ella K.
Hoffman, Eugene V.
Hoffman, Francis
Hoffman, James J.
Hoffman, James K.
Hoffman, John
Hoffman, John B.
Hoffman, Martha
Hoffman, Mary
Hoffman, Mary
Hoffman, Mercedes (Sister)
Hoffman, Nicholas L.
Hoffman, Peter L.
Hoffman, Sr., Frank
Hoffmann, Anton
Hoffmann, Iola or Ida
Hoffmann, Katharina
Horbach, Gertrude
Horbach, John A.
Horbach, Leona T.
Horbach, Michael G.
Horbach, William C.
Huesmann, F.H. (Rt. Rev. Msgr.)
Hugeback, Kathryn "Schimek"
Huges, Charles E.
Huges, Ramona M.
Hunkeler, Joseph M.
Hunkeler, Maria A.
Hunkler, Anton
Hunkler, Mathias
Hupp, Harold Dean
Irlbeck, Ardella C.
Irlbeck, Bernard J. (Sonny)
Irlbeck, Betty Lou
Irlbeck, Clayton V.
Irlbeck, Dale
Irlbeck, Engelbert
Irlbeck, Felix B.
Irlbeck, Frances
Irlbeck, Gerald (Jerry)
Irlbeck, Glenda L.
Irlbeck, Helen
Irlbeck, Henrietta E.
Irlbeck, Infant
Irlbeck, Jason T.
Irlbeck, John
Irlbeck, Joseph
Irlbeck, Joseph
Irlbeck, Lauretta
Irlbeck, Leo
Irlbeck, Leonette
Irlbeck, Loraine R.
Irlbeck, Maria M.
Irlbeck, Mary
Irlbeck, Michael
Irlbeck, Orville J.
Irlbeck, Rita
Irlbeck, Rita Mary
Irlbeck, Sylvester W.
Irlbeck, Thresia
Irlbeck, Vernon E.
Irlbeck, William E.
Irlmeier, Agnes
Irlmeier, Anna
Irlmeier, Bernice C.
Irlmeier, Charles Joseph
Irlmeier, Dorothy Marie (Hausman)
Irlmeier, Eleanora
Irlmeier, Frank L.
Irlmeier, Frank X.
Irlmeier, Gary J.
Irlmeier, Herbert W.
Irlmeier, John
Irlmeier, Joseph
Irlmeier, Joseph F.
Irlmeier, Joseph P.
Irlmeier, Joyce O.
Irlmeier, Keith John
Irlmeier, Kenneth Gerald
Irlmeier, Lawrence A.
Irlmeier, Leonard C.
Irlmeier, Magdalen
Irlmeier, Marian Dena (Toni)
Irlmeier, Mark G.
Irlmeier, Mary Ann
Irlmeier, Merlin "Mox" Robert
Irlmeier, Randy F.
Irlmeier, Rosa
Irlmeier, Rosalia F.
Irlmeier, Sophia
Irlmeier, Theresia
Irlmeier, Wilfred
Irlmeier, Sr., Joseph
Johnson, Thomas James
Juels, Agnes
Kalkhoff, Bernard
Kalkhoff, Catherine
Kalkhoff, Donald E.
Kalkhoff, Edward H.
Kalkhoff, Elizabeth
Kalkhoff, Elsie
Kalkhoff, Joseph T.
Kalkhoff, Leana M.
Kalkhoff, Louis
Kalkhoff, Louis H.
Kalkhoff, Mary J.
Kalkhoff, Rose
Kalkhoff, William F.
Kasparbauer, Louise
Kasparbauer, Lucy
Kasparbauer, Paul A.
Kasparbauer, Teresa E.
Kasperbauer, Alvina A.
Kasperbauer, Elisabeth
Kasperbauer, Francis Louis
Kasperbauer, Frank
Kasperbauer, Frank Xavier
Kasperbauer, Franziska
Kasperbauer, Frieda
Kasperbauer, Infant
Kasperbauer, Infant
Kasperbauer, Infant
Kasperbauer, Joseph
Kasperbauer, Rupert
Kasperbauer, Stephen
Kasperbauer, Sylvester
Kassell or Kastle, Ellenora
Kassell or Kastle, Infant
Kastle, Mary
Kastle, Max J.
Kathmann, Bernard
Kathmann, Bernard C.
Kathmann, Elizabeth
Kathmann, Frank J.
Kathmann, Helena M.
Kathmann, James F.
Kathmann, JoAnn A.
Kathmann, Wayne
Kathmann, Wilhelmina
Kaus, Alver
Kaus, Frances
Kaus, Fred
Kaus, Irma
Kaus, John
Kaus, Regina
Kaus, Wilhelmina
Kemper, Albert
Kemper, Anton
Kemper, Elizabeth
Kemper, Frances
Kemper, Josephine
Kemper, Kenneth
Kemper, Leon
Kemper, Maria
Kemper, Mathilda (Romey)
Kemper, William
Kenny, Anna Marie
Kerber, Shirley G.
Kerkhoff, Alphons M.
Kerkhoff, Betty L.
Kerkhoff, Earl E.
Kerkhoff, Evelyn A.
Kerkhoff, Floyd B.
Kerkhoff, Frances H.
Kerkhoff, Frank W.
Kerkhoff, Henry G.
Kerkhoff, Herman
Kerkhoff, John A.
Kerkhoff, John H.
Kerkhoff, Josephine
Kerkhoff, Mary Ann
Kerkhoff, Pauline
Kerkhoff, Robert
Kettman, Anna
Kettman, George H.
Kettman, Henry
Kettmann, Catherine
Kettmann, Emma
Kettmann, Gerhard
Kettmann, Heinrich
Kettmann, Katharina
Kisgen, Bonnie
Kisgen, Elizabeth
Kisgen, Elmer
Kisgen, Infant
Kisgen, John
Kisgen, Kay R.
Kisgen, Mabel
Kisgen, Oswald H.
Kisgen, Paul W.
Kisgen, Ruth C.
Klein, Anthony
Klein, Bernard
Klein, Catherine
Klein, Joe B.
Klein, Linda M.
Klein, Loretta
Klein, Luella
Klein, Mary
Klein, Mary
Klein, Mary Ellen
Klein, Peter
Klein, Peter W.
Klein, W.E.
Klepping, Anna M.
Klepping, Anton V.
Klepping, Elizabeth
Klepping, Henry S.
Klepping, Mary A.
Klepping, Wendel
Klocke, Alma M.
Klocke, Ambrose
Klocke, Anton
Klocke, Doris Ann
Klocke, Elizabeth
Klocke, Henry A.
Klocke, Herbert F.
Klocke, Irene Mary
Klocke, John
Klocke, Joseph
Klocke, Lena
Klocke, Linda L.
Klocke, Marcella A.
Klocke, Margaret
Klocke, Mary
Klocke, Raymond J.
Klocke, Raymond R.
Klocke, Rose M.
Klocke, Sophia
Klocke, Walter
Knobbe, Raphael J.
Knueven, Claudia
Knueven, Frank
Knueven, Frank H.
Knueven, Infant
Knueven, Infant
Knueven, Jacqulyn Sue
Knueven, John
Knueven, Louis L.
Knueven, Mary
Knueven, Mary
Koester, Infant
Kohorst, Joseph
Kohorst, Mary
Kramer, Elizabeth
Kramer, Marvin
Krapfl, Philomine
Kroeger, Anna
Kroeger, Antonella M.
Kroeger, Arnold
Kroeger, Catherine A.
Kroeger, Joseph A.
Kroeger, Josephine P.
Kroeger, Mary R.
Kroeger, Mathilda M.
Kuhl, Ervin
Kuhl, Kathy A.
Kuhl, Leo
Kuhl, Margaret E.
Kuhl, Peter
Kuhl, Theresa
Kuker, Marcella
Kulterman, Maria
Kulterman, Theodore
Kuns, Jack O.
Kuns, Virgene C.
Kuntz, George
Kuppers, Theodore
Kuypers, Frank H.
Lambertz, Joseph N.
Lampe, Fred
Lampe, John
Lampe, Katie
Lampe, Mary
Lampe, Rose
Lang, Edward B.
Lang, Herman
Lang, Lambert
Lang , Laverne E.
Lang, Lawrence C.
Lang, Marie
Lang, Marie F.
Lang , Marjorie L.
Lang, Rosalia
Lang, Vera E.
Langel, A. Henry
Langel, Adolph
Langel, Anna
Langel, Anna
Langel, Anna E.
Langel, Anna K.
Langel, Beata
Langel, Clara "Bonnie"
Langel, Clarence H.
Langel, Clem
Langel, Edward J.
Langel, Evelyn
Langel, Gerald P.
Langel, Gladys M.
Langel, Henry
Langel, Henry J.
Langel, Joseph A.
Langel, Louetta
Langel, Marilyn Ann
Langel, Martina
Langel, Mary C.
Langel, Merle J.
Langel, Robert L.
Langel, Ted A.
Langel, Vincent B.
Langenfeld, Anna M.
Langenfeld, Infant
Langenfeld, Katharina
Langenfeld, Margaret
Langenfeld, Mary (Romey)
Langenfeld, Michael
Langenfeld, Nicholas
Langenfeld, Rose
Lechtenberg, Bernard H.
Lechtenberg, Daniel J.
Lechtenberg, Elisabeth
Lechtenberg, Elizabeth C.
Lechtenberg, Elizabeth M.
Lechtenberg, Frank J.
Lechtenberg, Henry J.
Leonard, Cecelia
Lewis, Anton
Lewis, John
Lewis, Josephine
Lewis, Minnie
Lippold, Ferdinand
Lippold, Susan
Lippold, Virgil Marcian
Loch, Johannes
Loch, Nick
Lodeman, Frances
Lodeman, Infant
Loehr, Wm. F.
Loeltz, Joseph N.
Loeltz, La Verdos W.
Loeltz, Mary J.
Loeltz, Verdean V.
Lohaus, Bernard H.
Lohaus, Crescentia
Lohaus, Henry
Lohaus, Maria G.
Lohman, Henry George
Lohman, Phillomina M.
Lohrmann, Jeffrey Dean
Long, Evelyn S.
Long, Frances P.
Long, John W.
Long, Wilbert J.
Luczycki, J. Kevin
Lutwitze, Agnes M.
Lutwitze, Anna
Lutwitze, Frank Joseph
Macke, Anna
Macke, Bertha
Macke, Earline
Macke, Edward
Macke, Frank John
Macke, Hellen
Macke, Infant
Macke, Infant
Macke, Jula
Macke, Lawrence
Macke, Louis
Macke, Michael
Macke, Vincent
Mann, Grace
Martes, Infant
Martin, Francis
Martin, Jane
Martin, John
Mayer, Mary A.
McQueen, Elizabeth K.
Meiners, John G.
Meiners, Margaret I.
Meiners, Mary E.
Meis, Conrad
Meis, Franz
Meis, Mary
Meis, Nicholas George
Meis, Unknown
Mersmann, Gertrude
Mescher, Heinrich
Mescher, Infant
Mescher, Katherina
Meshek, Regina
Meshek, William
Meyer, Herman F.
Meyer, Martha A.
Meyers, Henry
Meyers, Louis J.
Meyers, Nellie
Middendorf, Infant
Miller, Carolina
Miller, Julius Bernard
Miller, Mary
Mock, Anna
Mock, Franz
Mock, Magdelena
Mock, Mary Elizabeth
Mock, Stephen
Mock, Theresia
Moormann, Henry
Mueller, John
Mueller, Rosalia
Muller, Rita Rose
Munch, Carol
Murphy, Anna
Murray, Anna Mary
Murray, Chrystal C.
Murray, James J.
Murray, John F.
Murray, LaVern
Murray, Loretta
Murray, Margaret
Murray, Peter
Muskat, Catrine
Neil, Donald R.
Neil, Marcy (Lang)
Neitzel, Catherine
Neitzel, Raymond
Nepple, Catherine
Nepple, Edward
Nepple, Lawrence H.
Nepple, Magdella
Nepple, Otto
Nepple, Sophia
Neu, Arleen
Neu, Carl (Brandenburg)
Neu, Edward
Neu, Eva
Neu, Josephine
Neu, Karolina
Neu, Katherina
Neu, LaVern
Neu, Mollie M.
Neu, Peter
Neu, William
Nichols, Richard N.
Niehaus, Ardella C.
Niehaus, Earl Leo
Niehaus, Jeanne
Niehaus, John
Nutt, Elisebeth
Nutt, Joseph
Nutt, Theresia Agnes
Nutt, William J.
Ocken, Larry
Ocken, Lavonne
Ocken, Lawrence
Ocken, Mary
Ocken, Ronald
Ohlinger, Arline
Ohlinger, Elizabeth
Ohlinger, Mary
Ohlinger, Nicholas
Osterholt, Engelbert
Osterholt, Erma
Pape, Alois F.
Pape, Lula E.
Penkhus, Anna Maria
Penkhus, Clemens
Penkhus, Heinrich
Penkhus, Joseph
Penkhus, Rosa
Phelps, Catherine
Pille, George
Pille, George
Pille, Sophia
Prebeck, Alphonse
Prebeck, Dan A.
Prebeck, Elaine
Prebeck, Hedwig
Prebeck, John
Prebeck, Joseph
Prebeck, Joseph
Prebeck, Otto
Prebeck, Jr., Otto
Ray, Anna M.
Reicher, Coletta M.
Reicher, Edward J.
Reicher, Frank
Reicher, Josephine
Reicks, Josephine
Reicks, William
Reilander, Henry
Reilander, Mary
Reiman, Anna
Reiman, Anna
Reiman, Bernadina
Reiman, Bernadine E.
Reiman, Fred L.
Reiman, Joseph
Reiman, Loretta
Reiman, Teresia or Thresia
Reiman, Walter
Reimann, Ferdinand
Reimann, Freidrich
Reimann, Infant
Reimann, Tresia
Revers, Jo Ann
Reynolds, Rosella
Riesberg, Anna
Riesberg, Anton
Riesberg, Anton W.
Riesberg, Edward
Riesberg, Hilbert
Riesberg, Joseph
Riesberg, Leo Lawrence (Reverend)
Riesberg, Mark
Riesberg, Martha
Riesberg, Mary
Riesberg, Mary
Riesberg, Mary K.
Riesberg, Walter
Riesberg, William
Roach, Marguerite (Marge)
Rohe, Anna R.
Rohe, Darwin F.
Rohe, Dean W.
Rohe, Edward B.
Rohe, Ella E.
Rohe, Esterlyn C.
Rohe, Glenn August
Rohe, Jane M.
Rohe, John B.
Rohe, John H.
Rohe, John N.
Rohe, Margaret M.
Rohe, Mildred J.
Rohe, Veronica Josephine
Rohe, Walter H.
Rohe, Wayne W.
Rohode, Maria
Romey, Beatrice R.
Romey, Carolus
Romey, Chas
Romey, Clifford C.
Romey, Gertrude
Romey, Katherine
Romey, Kathryn
Romey, Nicholaus Charles
Romey, Randy
Romey, Sophia
Romey, Susanna
Rotert, Clemens
Rotert, John
Rotert, Margaret
Roth, Clara
Roth, Franz
Roth, Joseph
Roth, Joseph J.
Roth, Katharina
Roth, Peter
Roth, Sophia
Roth, Sydilla
Rupiper, Albert W.
Rupiper, Florentine
Rupiper, Hildegard E.
Rupiper, Leonard W.
Rupiper, Mary
Rupiper, Sr., William
Rushenberg, A. Joseph
Rushenberg, Edith
Sandrock, Jimmie
Sandrock, John
Sandrock, Mary
Sandrock, Michael
Schaeuble, Clara V.
Schaeuble, John J.
Schaeuble, Joseph V., Sr.
Schenkelberg, Anna B.
Schenkelberg, Henry
Schenkelberg, Henry A.
Schenkelberg, Mary G.
Schenkelberg, Regina
Schiltz, Arlene K. (Engelen-Wittrock)
Schimek, Angela
Schimek, Francis
Schimek, Franz
Schimek, John
Schimek, Joseph
Schimek, Maggie
Schimek, Rosina
Schlichte, Angela
Schlichte, Anna
Schlichte, Edward
Schlichte, Edward W.
Schlichte, John
Schlichte, Julia M.
Schlichte, Katharine
Schlichte, Regina
Schmidt, Francis
Schmidt, Gertrude
Schmidt, John
Schmidt, Michael E.
Schmidt, Peter
Schmidt, Theresia
Schmitz, Louise C.
Schmitz, Walter J.
Schneider, Elma M.
Schneider, Henry R.
Schnitter, Frank
Schnitter, Mary
Schoeppner, Albert
Schoeppner, Antonet Mary
Schoeppner, Bernice Catherine
Schoeppner, Catherine
Schoeppner, Chloris F.
Schoeppner, Cyril
Schoeppner, Deanna Kay
Schoeppner, Donald W.
Schoeppner, Dorothea
Schoeppner, Earl J.
Schoeppner, Edwin Walter
Schoeppner, Elizabeth
Schoeppner, Francis B.
Schoeppner, Frank J.
Schoeppner, Harold V.
Schoeppner, Helen
Schoeppner, Infant
Schoeppner, Infant
Schoeppner, Infant
Schoeppner, Isabelle
Schoeppner, James A.
Schoeppner, Johanna Catherine
Schoeppner, John
Schoeppner, John G.
Schoeppner, Joseph T.
Schoeppner, Laurence F. (Father)
Schoeppner, Leo
Schoeppner, Lillian E.
Schoeppner, Magdalena
Schoeppner, Mary E.
Schoeppner, Paul
Schoeppner, Regina
Schoeppner, Rose
Schoeppner, Sheila M.
Schoeppner, Shirley
Schoeppner, Theodore
Schoeppner, Theodore J.
Schoeppner, William
Schoeppner, William
Schrad, Marcellus
Schrad, Ronnie E.
Schreck, Clara
Schreck, Clara J.
Schreck, Coletta C.
Schreck, Elmer B.
Schreck, Frank G.
Schreck, Gerald G.
Schreck, Gerald, Jr. - infant son of Gerald & Doris Schreck
Schreck, Louis G.
Schroeder, Helen
Schulte, Bernard Al. (Reverand)
Schulte, Elizabeth
Schultes, John I.
Schultes, Loretta A.
Schultes, Mildred M.
Schumacher, Paul Clemens
Schumaker, Unknown
Schwaller, Elisabeth (Voegele)
Schwaller, Infant
Schwaller, John J.
Schwaller, Katherine E.
Schwaller, Lambert J.
Schwaller, Susan (Halter)
Schwaller, Victor
Schwaller, Victor C.
Seidel, Joseph
Sextro, Ben
Sextro, Bernard
Sextro, Catherine
Sextro, Dolores (Laurie)
Sextro, Frank J.
Sextro, Johann (John)
Sextro, Katherina or Katherine
Sextro, Leonard
Sextro, Loretta
Sextro, Lorine M.
Sextro, Maria Katharina
Sextro, Mary
Seyller, Albert
Seyller, Anna
Seyller, Elizabeth
Seyller, Henry
Seyller, John
Seyller, John B.
Seyller, Joseph
Seyller, Louis
Seyller, Mary
Seyller, Mary Anna
Seyller , Rose
Seyller, Virgil W.
Shea, Ellen
Shea, Michael
Shea, Nellie R.
Sibbel, August E.
Sibbel, Bernadina
Siemer, Antenea J.
Siemer, Infant
Siemer, Maria A.
Siepker, Daniel August
Siepker, Edward
Siepker, Marie
Singsank, Margaretha
Singsank, Theodore
Singsank, Theodore Henry
Slater, Donald T.
Slater, Geraldine R.
Slater, Thomas Leon
Soppe, Anna K.
Soppe, Anton
Soppe, Clara B.
Soppe, Elizabeth
Soppe, John J.
Soppe, Joseph
Soppe, Mary A.
Soppe, Rose B.
Sorensen, Deborah Kay
Sorensen, Harold Eugene
Sorensen, Karen Kay
Sorensen, Kevin Eugene
Sorensen, Laurie Lee
Soyer, Theresa A. (Langel)
Spieker, Patrick Joseph
Sporrer, Alma E. & Infant Daughter Geralyn
Sporrer, Anna C.
Sporrer, Clara M.
Sporrer, Clarence A.
Sporrer, Creszentia
Sporrer, Elaine M.
Sporrer, Frank
Sporrer, Frank W.
Sporrer, Frank X.
Sporrer, Geralyn (infant)
Sporrer, Jacobina
Sporrer, Josephine
Sporrer, Louis
Sporrer, Mary
Sporrer, Michele
Sporrer, Steve
Sporrer, Vernice "Sprig"
Sporrer, Sr., Joseph
Sporrer, Sr., Wenzel
Stallmann, Franz B.
Stallmann, Katharina Bernadina
Stangl, Albert
Stangl, Anna
Stangl, August
Stangl, August J.
Stangl, August W.
Stangl, Augusta
Stangl, Bernard A.
Stangl, Bertha
Stangl, Catherine Elizabeth
Stangl, Cletus C.
Stangl, Dorothy Rose
Stangl, Edward W.
Stangl, Elizabeth
Stangl, Frances A.
Stangl, Fred
Stangl, Infant
Stangl, Minnie
Stangl, Rita
Stangl, Rose
Stangl, Sophia C.
Stangl, Willard W.
Stangl, William J.
Stangl, Jr., Joseph
Steffes, Alvin
Steffes, Anna M.
Steffes, Catherine
Steffes, Cordellia
Steffes, Edward A.
Steffes, Frances M.
Steffes, Frank
Steffes, Hilda
Steffes, Infant
Steffes, Infant
Steffes, Jacob
Steffes, Joh. Matthias
Steffes, John
Steffes, Johnny
Steffes, Kyle John
Steffes, Margaretha
Steffes, Nichlous
Stein, Anna C.
Stein, Clara
Stein, Joseph
Stein, Joseph W.
Stein, Peter
Stein, Theodore R.
Stein, Zita D.
Stevens, Alvin H.
Stevens, Anna
Stevens, Anna M.
Stevens, Donald W.
Stevens, Elizabeth
Stevens, Frances
Stevens, Frank Joseph
Stevens, Gladys A.
Stevens, Helen E.
Stevens, Henry
Stevens, Henry
Stevens, Henry R.
Stevens, Infant
Stevens, Infant
Stevens, Infant (parents Don & Dorothy Stevens)
Stevens, Infant (parents Don & Dorothy Stevens)
Stevens, John G.
Stevens, Joseph E.
Stevens, Loren H.
Stevens, Louise J.
Stevens, Marvin
Stevens, Mary (Ocken)
Stevens, Mary W.
Stevens, William
Stevens, William H.
Stevenson, Caroline M.
Stevenson, William J.
Stippler, Infant (Duo)
Stokes, Leo J.
Stueve, Catharine
Stueve, Cecelia
Stueve, Eugene H.
Stueve, Evelyn H.
Stueve, Fred
Stueve, Keith D.
Sturm, Frances
Sturm, Frances
Sturm, Marjorie
Sturm, Norbert W.
Sturm, Wolfgang
Taphorn, Walter
Taphorn, Werner
testing, testing 1
Testroet, Joe
Testroet, John
Thein, Peter A.
Thieleke, A. M.
Thieleke, Josephine
Thielen, Anna
Thielen, Bertille S. "Tillie"
Thielen, Leo
Thielen, Matt M.
Thielen, Peter
Thielen, Peter
Thielen, Susan
Thielke, Mary
Tieke, Anna M.
Tieke, Margaret
Trecker, Anetha
Trecker, Barbara
Trecker, Dennis
Trecker, Infant
Trecker, Irene M.
Trecker, Joseph B.
Trecker, Joseph M.
Trecker, Katherine
Trecker, Leo
Trecker, Leon James
Trecker, Peter
Trecker, Rose M.
Trecker, Susan E.
Trecker, Theodore T.
Truhe, Clara T.
Tunning, John
Uhlenkamp, Edward
Uhlenkamp, Elizabeth
Uhlenkamp, Frances
Uhlenkamp, Helen
Uhlenkamp, Henry Joseph
Uhlenkamp, Herman
Uhlenkamp, Herman Joseph
Uhlenkamp, Joseph
Uhlenkamp, Josephine
Uhlenkamp, Louis
Uhlenkamp, Rosa
Unknown , B.E.
Unknown, Bernard
Unknown, Mathias
Unknown, William
Vogl, Anna
Vogl, Anton
Vogl, Anton G.
Vogl, Elizabeth
Vogl, George
Vogl, Grace
Vogl, John
Vogl, Joseph
Vogl, Mary F.
Vollmer, Elizabeth
Vollmer, Frank
Vollmer, John
Vollmer, Michael
Wadle, Cecelia
Wadle, Julian
Wafful, John "Jack"
Wagner, Benedict
Wagner, Benjamin A.
Wagner, Clara
Wagner, Elizabeth
Wagner, Florence
Wagner, Jacob
Wagner, Susanna
Walsh, Anna M.
Walsh, Harold J.
Walsh, Jerry
Walsh, Thomas J.
Wanninger, Anna
Wanninger, Anna
Wanninger, Antoinette
Wanninger, Edward W.
Wanninger, Hedwig
Wanninger, John
Wanninger, Joseph
Wanninger, Joseph
Wanninger, Louis J.
Wanninger, Michael
Wanninger, Teresa Marie
Wanninger, Theresa
Wanninger, William
Wanninger, Jr., John
Weaver, Lucille Marie
Weber, Albin J.
Weber, Kathryn W.
Wegman , Herman
Wegmann, Anna
Wegmann, Anna R.
Wegmann, Clara
Wegmann, Joseph
Wegmann, Joseph M.
Wegmann, Marie
Wegmann, Rose
Weiskircher, Donald J.
Weiskircher, Jeanette
Weiskircher, Lawrence
Weiskircher, Lawrence Joe
Weiskircher, Mildred
Weiskircher, Rose A.
Weitl, Alfred
Weitl, Allan John
Weitl, Anna
Weitl, Anna C.
Weitl, C.J.
Weitl, Charles W.
Weitl, Edward C.
Weitl, Ella R.
Weitl, Floyd J.
Weitl, Frances
Weitl, George
Weitl, Helen
Weitl, John C.
Weitl, Karl
Weitl, Katharina
Weitl, LaVerne J.
Weitl, Lorraine E.
Weitl, Magdalena
Weitl, Mary
Weitl, Raymond J.
Weitl, Sophia
Weitl, Wilbur
Wessling, Bessie T.
Wessling, Leonard A.
Wessling, Mary A.
Wessling, Robert T.
Wiedemeier, A. Maria L.
Wieland, Bernard T.
Willenborg, Anna
Willenborg, Ben
Willenborg, Catherine
Willenborg, Chrestine
Willenborg, Clara
Willenborg, Clemens
Willenborg, Crescentia
Willenborg, Donald
Willenborg, Henry
Willenborg, Henry B.
Willenborg, Ida
Willenborg, Jimmy
Willenborg, Johan
Willenborg, John
Willenborg, John G.
Willenborg, Joseph H.
Willenborg, Leonard
Willenborg, Leonard J.
Willenborg, Lucy
Willenborg, Maria
Willenborg, Mayme
Willenborg, Minnie
Willenborg, Raymond
Willenborg, Sophia
Willenborg, Teddy
Williams, Edgar
Wingert, Peter
Wiskus, Infant
Wiskus, Louisa Maria
Witte, John
Witte, Joseph
Witte, Louis
Witte, Maria
Witte, Theresa
Wittrock , Alfred J.
Wittrock, Bernadine
Wittrock, George J.
Wittrock, Lillian T.
Wittrock, Paul W.
Wittrock, Ralph
Wittrock, Robert F.
Wolterman, Florence
Wolterman, Lawrence
Woslager, Margaret Helen
Woslager, Raymond Alois
Ziegmann, Judith
Zubrod, Ann
Zubrod, James
Zubrod, Marilyn L.
Zubrod, Merlyn