Sanitation/Garbage & Recycling


Residential garbage and recycling pickup in Templeton is provided by Ray's Refuse, Inc. and is billed monthly by the City of Templeton along with water and wastewater services. The rate for residential pickup is $15.00 per month. Ray's Refuse provides automated garbage collection and curbside recycling pickup.

Garbage Containers
Two sizes of garbage containers are available to residents for automated garbage pickup. Containers are provided by Ray's Refuse free of charge. Residents moving into newly built homes should call Ray's Refuse at (712) 792-4071 to order a container. Residents with damaged containers should also call Ray's Refuse for a replacement. Please note the following guidelines:

  • Place containers on a flat, level surface at the curb with the metal bar facing the street with the lid closed.
  • Containers must be placed at least 3 feet from mailboxes, trees, vehicles, walls, lamp posts, other structures, and the recycling bins.
  • Do not place the containers under low-hanging tree branches.

All households in Templeton are provided with weekly curbside pickup of recyclable materials on the same day when their garbage is picked up. Please see this brochure on how to prepare your red recycling bin for pickup. If you move and the house does not have a red container, please call (712) 792-4071 to learn how you can get a container.

Pickup & Collection
Garbage and recyclables are picked up in Templeton on Tuesday mornings. Residents should have their garbage containers and recycling bins set out by 6:00 a.m., and emptied containers must be removed from the curb/street by 6:00 p.m. If there is a change in the regular weekly schedule due to a holiday or weather disruption, an alternate pickup day will be posted on Local Access Channel 14.

Special Pickup
Special pickup services may be available for physically disabled or elderly residents who may have difficulty getting their garbage and recycling containers to the curb. Contact City Hall at (712) 669-3443 or Ray's Refuse at (712) 792-4071 for more information.


Commercial Garbage and Recycling pickup is arranged by individual businesses directly with the hauler of their choice. Contact City Hall at (712) 669-3443 for more information.