This example shows how you can include the drop-down calendar menu (below), anywhere on your site.

Presume that all this text is the original page. In this case, we've pasted the dropdown menu above this particular text.

Does it have to be an ASP page?

Yes (to use the include statement)! However, an HTML page can easily be saved as an ASP page, through most HTML utilities. Or, simply save the HTML page as text, then change the extension from .txt to .asp!


Of course, if you prefer to keep your page as an HTML page, you can always use an iFrame, as in the example found on the previous (index.asp) page.

If your MultiCalendars is an important part of your site, this drop-down menu may be incorporated into one of your site's menus!
How do I include it?

  <!--#include file="mc/inc_select.asp"-->

1. Simply paste the include statement (above) onto the page where you
    want the list to appear!
2. * If the page containing the drop-down is contained within the MC
    folder, this step will not be required. Continue with step 3.
    * If the page is not in the MC folder, you will need to modify the
    MC/inc_select.asp file to show the full path from the page that
    contains the include statement, to the calendar.asp page.
    * Note: Changing this path will make this dropdown unavailable
    from within the MC folder.

        In inc_select.asp change this path:
        <form action="somefolder/mc/calendar.asp" method="get">

3. Save, and upload the modified file(s), as necessary.


If the include statement doesn't seem to be working, please check:
  • That the page with the include statement is an asp page.

  • That the include statement path has been modified according to your installation. (See the suggestions below.)

  • 1. <!--#include file="mc/inc_select.asp"-->
       (Is MC the name of your Multi Calendars folder?)

    2. <!--#include file="some_other_folder/mc/inc_select.asp"-->
       (Does the MC folder have a parent directory?)

    3. Another folder? If either the modified page or the mc folder is not located in the root directory, you may have to modify the include path further, to indicate the path from the 'include statement' page to the MultiCalendars installation.

    While we can't predict what your server path may be, you can try the example below, which will work if your server is setup to allow .. to indicate a parent directory. (If unsure about your server setup, try it! If you get an error message, you need to change to the full path.)

    Example: <!--#include file="../mc/inc_select.asp"-->
    (The server would now look for the MC folder, one directory back from its current position on your modified page.)