Implementing MultiCalendars 3.0.1    

You've installed the application, now you need to choose which calendar or list of calendars to use on your existing pages. Once the link is added, it'll always show the most current information.

Link directly to one of these options.

While you're checking the links below, remember... you can link to any page that you find (not just these ones)! Take your visitors directly to a specific calendar limited by category or month; or show a list of today's events. Traditional Calendar or Vertical View? It's up to you!

Multiple Calendars Links:

All Calendars' Events - in One View

Merge Calendars by Selection

Drop-down menu selection

List of Calendars, without Descriptions

List of Calendars, with Descriptions

Two Small Calendars Selection (For Comparisons)

Or, add one of the following options, directly onto another page.

Click on the links below to see examples of existing ASP pages that contain a small, current calendar or drop-down list of available calendars. No extra clicks are required by your visitors, because the selected view appears on another page such as your front page.
(Implementation instructions are here too.)

Include a drop-down menu. (Include File Statement.)

Include a small calendar. (iFrame statement.)

Note: Any view can be added onto an existing page (ASP, HTML, etc), if you're willing to use an iFrame (window within the window), as in the second example above.