Fire Department & EMS

History & Overview

2017 Fire Dept.

The Templeton Community Fire Department (TCFD) was formally organized by the Templeton City Council on October 20, 1886.  The department had humble beginnings, starting with very basic fire- fighting equipment including a hand-pumper, hose cart, and a limited amount of linen hose.  Ladders were soon added, and the first engine house was built in 1891.   In 1893 a fire bell was acquired, and the City Council gave the Fire Department full responsibility of the fire apparatus.  The Department’s first fire truck was put into service in 1924, and a new fire station was also constructed at this time.

In 1934, the Department acquired a second fire truck, and this truck was in service for over 50 years until it was sold in the early 2000’s to a department member.  The truck has been restored and is still used in parades, as is the Department’s 1952 International pumper which is also now owned and maintained by a local family.   The TCFD grew significantly over the years, acquiring new trucks and equipment as necessary and receiving training in various firefighting and emergency response techniques.  Of particular note is the Department’s role in the beginning of the Carroll County First Responder Program, which was initiated by TCFD member Tom “Bunny” Walsh in 1984 to improve emergency medical response in cities without ambulance service.

Today the TCFD is a full-service, modern emergency response organization that is staffed entirely by local volunteers.  The Department has a roster of 33 dedicated men and women who are well trained and who maintain the department’s equipment and facilities.  The TCFD maintains two stations, including the original 1924 station and the newer 1979 station that received an updated façade in 2011.  The TCFD has five trucks, including a 1987 GMC Tanker, 1993 International Pumper/Tanker, 1994 International Pumper/Tanker, and a 2016 Dodge Brush/Quick Attack.  The Department’s EMS staff includes first responders, EMT-B’s and EMT-P’s and maintains and houses one of Carroll County’s seven ambulance units, a service that was added in 2001.

Fire Department Roster

Member Line Officers Active Date /
Year Joined Dept.
Duane Irlbeck Fire Chief 1995
Jerry Behrens Assistant Fire Chief 2007
Mike Walsh Captain 1986
Glen Irlbeck Captain 1994
Alan Kerkhoff Lieutenant 2016
Dave Ramsey Lieutenant 1999
Mark Bauer   1990
Joe Behrens   2000
Jim Bruggeman   1978
Chris Dopheide   1999
Doyle Engelen   1999
Kenneth Hansen   2018
Kyle Hansen   1994
Dalton Hawbaker   2016
Ryan Herbers   2018
Timothy Henriksen   2020
Rick Hoffman   2004
Tom Horbach   1966
Austin Irlbeck   2010
Gary Irlbeck   1999
Cole Kerkhoff   2010
Eric Kerkhoff   2016
Jason Klocke   2016
Bill Prebeck   1984
Dale Prebeck   1975
Gene Prebeck   1987
Josh Riesberg   2016
Jim Schultes   2007
Dave Schwaller   1977
Todd Springston   2018
Scott Sturm   2016
Dustin Werner   2019

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EMS Roster

Member Office
Jerry Behrens EMT-B
Kenneth Hansen Paramedic/Firefighter
Rick Hoffman EMT-B
Gary Irlbeck EMT-B
Sylvia Sporrer RN/EMT-P

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Past & Present Fire Chiefs

Name Years Served
Ed Reicher 1923
Peter Murray Late 30's - Early 40's
Anthony Heitman 1942
Bert Lang 1943-1944
Vince Schoeppner 1944-1946
N.W. Bruggeman 1946-1966
Tom Horbach 1966-1990
Dale Prebeck 1990-2014
Jim Bruggeman 2015 to 2017
Duane Irlbeck 2018 to present

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Past & Present Assistant Fire Chiefs

Name Years Served
Bert Lang 1944-1946
L.J. Schwaller 1946-1966
Jim Schoeppner 1966-1990
Dave Schwaller 1990-2014
Mark Bauer 2015-2016
Mike Walsh 2017
Cole Kerkhoff 2018
Jerry Behrens 2019 to present

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