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Templeton Area
Development Corp.

Templeton Area Development Corporation Board of Directors

The TADC is governed by an 11-person Board of Directors who serve three year terms. Terms are staggered so that no more than 4 terms end in any year. Elections are held at the TADC's annual meeting on the first Tuesday of February every year.


Name Occupation Term Expires
Nick Romey, President Carrier, U.S. Postal Service 2021
Bill Prebeck, Vice President Vice President, Templeton Savings Bank 2023
Joe Behrens, Treasurer

Vice President, Templeton Savings Bank

Ken Behrens Salesman, Van Diest Supply Company 2023
Chris Danner, Secretary Owner/Operater, Templeton Family Farms 2022
Gene Meiners Carroll County Supervisor 2021
Gary Rupiper Auctioneer 2022
Ben Klocke Farmer 2022
Dave Schwaller Owner, Rye Supply, Inc. 2021
Pat Snyder Manager, Templeton Telephone Company 2021
Ali Sturm Owner, Fitness-4-You 2022