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RSS Feeds

You may view events from this site, online, simply by using your browser.

However, our events are also available as an RSS feed. With RSS you can take our events and incorporate them into your preferred newsreaders and web logs. We hope you enjoy this service.

RSS Info
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is designed for sharing web content (example: a category of calendar events), with other sites, or to automatically display updated content on a PC!

The events' date of publication, title, content (with start and end dates/times added to the bottom), and link are the only info that will be shown by the RSS feed.

Using RSS
Visitors who want to show these events on their site or PC, via RSS feeds, will need an RSS news reader. The news reader will require an RSS feed link, where it can regularly collect update events. Then, any changes or new content can be displayed automatically, via the reader.

Note: There are many different news readers available online - some for free. The reader is not included with this application.

RSS Implementation Instructions
To get the link required by an RSS news reader, follow these instructions.

  • Click the most appropriate link title.
        (Look in the column to the right.
  • )
  • The code shown on the resulting page is for info only.
        (You don't need to do anything with this code.)
  • Copy the entire URL from your browser address field.
        (This is the link the news reader needs!)
  • This link can be pasted into the RSS news reader of the     PC or other site, according to the utility's instructions. If you have a main calendar, you can even use it on the front page of the site hosting MultiCalendars. (Example: To show a list of current month events!)
  •   Available RSS Channels

    Events of March
    Events of Current Month
    All Available Events

    Category RSS Channels